All Review Dashboard

All Review Dashboard Guide

The Review Dashboard empowers you to efficiently manage, import, and export reviews for your platform. Follow these steps to navigate and utilize the features available in the dashboard:

1. Accessing the Dashboard :

  • Go to the Application Dashboard.
  • Click on "All Reviews" to access the Review Dashboard.

2. Managing Reviews :

  • From the Review Dashboard, you can perform various actions related to reviews.

Import Review :

  • Importing reviews into MAG: Product reviews can be achieved through various convenient methods, utilizing a CSV file for seamless integration.
  • Additionally, you can import reviews from other applications like Judge Me, Hulk, or the Shopify Product review app.
  • For comprehensive guidance, refer to our Import Review Guide document.

Export Review :

  • To export reviews from the application, navigate to the Review Dashboard. 
  • Simply click on the "Export" button, and with a single click, you'll be able to download all reviews in a CSV file instantly.

Approve Review :

  • To approve a review, locate the desired review in the list.
  • Click on the checkmark icon in the action column to approve the review.
  • The approved review will be moved to the approved review section.

Reject Review :

  • To reject a review, find the review you want to reject.
  • Click on the Crossmark icon in the action column to reject the review.
  • The rejected review will be moved to the reject review section.

Verify Review :

  • Apply a verified badge to a review to signify its authenticity.
  • Click on the "verify badge" option to mark the review as verified.
  • Verified reviews will display a verification badge on the front end.

Edit Review :

  • Edit any review by clicking on the "edit review" option in the action column.
  • Modify review details as needed using this feature.

Delete Review :

  • Select the review you wish to delete.
  • Click on the review to open it.
  • A dialog box will appear, from where you can delete the review.
  • Proceed to delete the review as desired.

Reply to Review :

  • Engage with reviewers by replying to their reviews.
  • Click on the "reply" option in the action column.
  • Customize the subject line and body of your reply.
  • Choose between "Submit Reply" to send the reply via email or "Reply & Publish" to publish the reply on the front end.

Bulk Actions :

  • Perform bulk actions on multiple reviews simultaneously.
  • Use the checkboxes provided on the dashboard to select reviews.
  • Choose bulk actions such as approve, reject, or delete reviews in batches.
If you still encounter issues, reach out to our support team via live chat support on the application dashboard or email us at