Becoming The Best Shopify Partner In The World

At the heart of MyAppGurus is a simple yet ambitious goal – to become the best Shopify partner globally. We are committed to providing exceptional support to our merchants, partners, and employees, fostering a thriving ecosystem within the Shopify community.


Your Ultimate Destination for All Things Shopify!

At MyAppGurus, we take pride in being a dedicated hub for Shopify merchants seeking to elevate their businesses. With a mission to be the go-to destination for all things Shopify, we strive to empower over 100,000 businesses worldwide through unparalleled support and innovative solutions.


MyAppGurus Journey

Our journey began in 2012 when we ventured into creating Shopify Themes. Recognizing the evolving needs of merchants, we delved deeper into the Shopify ecosystem and developed our own apps on the Shopify App Store. With premium Shopify Themes and multiple apps later, we have evolved into a comprehensive solution provider.


Evolution and Growth

Witnessing the exponential growth of the ecommerce industry, we revisited our strategies and embraced a continuous improvement mindset. By challenging existing norms, we expanded our footprint and honed our expertise in catering to the specific needs of businesses of all sizes. Today, MyAppGurus is the trusted partner for a 360° approach to Shopify.


The Team Behind MyAppGurus

A Team of seasoned professionals dedicated to your success

The strength of MyAppGurus lies in its exceptional team - a group of dedicated individuals, including ecommerce experts, visionaries, and creative masterminds. Our growing team is united by a commitment to ensuring effortless e-commerce journeys for our merchants. We believe in the power of teamwork, effective communication, and the artistry of our craft.

Join us at MyAppGurus, where your Shopify journey is not just a transaction but a partnership for success. Experience the difference with our unwavering support, innovative solutions, and a community that thrives on collaboration and excellence.

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