Benefits of Using a Product Review App on Your Shopify Store

Benefits of Using a Product Review App on Your Shopify Store
In today’s world, where customers make data-driven decisions to buy any product on Shopify, that’s why reviews play a crucial role in their decision-making.

With so many options available online, customers need clarification about which are the best Shopify apps. This is where customers start looking for previous customers who have experience using the product, check based on reviews, and decide to buy any product.

According to statistics, nine out of ten customers look for reviews before buying. It clearly shows that review is the most essential thing for a successful Shopify store.

So, if you want to grow your Shopify store and want more customers to buy products, you must use a product review app on your Shopify store to attract customers and help them make informed decisions.

Let’s dive in!

Why Should You Care About Product Reviews on Your Shopify Store?
Product Reviews play an essential part in your e-commerce website. It helps customers understand the real insights of the product after its usage and the pros and cons of buying it. Instead of reviewing products on websites, customers prefer to read reviews to make their buying decisions.

Here are some recent statistics related to product review;

  • 91% of consumers read online reviews before buying products.
  • 84% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • 74% say that positive reviews make them trust the brand and its products.
  • 54.7% of consumers read at least four reviews before buying a product.
These statistics show how consumers trust product reviews and why e-commerce businesses must use customer reviews to boost their sales and conversions.

Building trust becomes easier when customers read positive reviews for your brand and products.

However, many sellers want to refrain from asking for reviews and showing on their platform because they fear negative comments. But sellers can only showcase positive responses on their e-commerce website to gain customers’ trust and increase conversions.

Overall, product reviews are essential for building trust, driving sales and boosting SEO that helps your Shopify business grow exponentially.

Why Should You Use a Shopify Product Review App?
Shopify product review app helps Shopify store owners to collect customers’ reviews by encouraging them to leave a review after purchasing the product. There are numerous ways to collect reviews, such as email campaigns, pop-up notifications, surveys, etc.

More reviews on your Shopify store can lead to more conversions. So it’s important for Shopify sellers to fill their stores with lots of positive reviews from genuine buyers.

It’s a marketing strategy to get more user-generated content which is reviews, and post these reviews on the stores to attract visitors’ attention and build trust, which helps them to turn visitors into customers.

Shopify sellers need to find the best product review app to do all the hard work for you and drive positive customer reviews.

Some Best Shopify Product Review Apps
Here are some best pick Shopify product review apps that you can consider for your e-commerce business to grow:

1. is a well-known marketing tool that helps Shopify store owners collect and display user-generated product reviews and provide complete social media management, including social posting, email, push notifications and SMS marketing.

It has many advanced features, including collecting unlimited photos, videos and product reviews, six different review medals, 34 language support, rich snippets, easy customization, and third-party integration.

Using this tool and encouraging customers to give reviews using email is so easy. There’s no special training required for this tool; everything works automatically to manage reviews, traffic and marketing.

2. is a feature-rich marketing platform that drives user-generated content for your Shopify store. It collects and displays written, photos and video reviews on product pages and social media channels. This platform is well-known and trusted by the biggest companies, such as Colgate, Rhone and SodaStream.

One of the best features of is that it displays reviews on multiple sites. So whenever any visitor comes to your Shopify website, it shows multiple website reviews for that product to create authenticity.

3. Product Review‑MyAppGurus
Gathering customer reviews is made effortless and faster with this application. Having a user-friendly interface ensures to deliver great customer experience and let them make informed decisions.

Having a responsive design in a product review app provides the ease of accessibility on multiple devices. Customers can provide feedback from anywhere and at any time.

4. Loox
Loox is a specialized photo-centric marketing app for product reviews that collects user-generated content (UGC) via referrals and customer reviews.

This tool helps small and medium businesses to automatically collect photo-based customer reviews and display happy customers most appealingly. Also, it sends automatic review request emails to customers to collect user-generated content.

With Loox, Shopify sellers can display their happy customers’ reviews in galleries, carousels, pop-up widgets and sidebars.

Loox is well-optimized for the Shopify website and ensures a seamless experience for visitors to attract reviews and build trust for the brand, leading to faster decisions making.

4. Yotpo
Yotpo is a cloud-based content marketing platform to collect user-generated reviews from customers and show them in Shopify stores engagingly.

It’s one of the top product review apps, which is best to control all customers’ reviews via one dashboard.

With one click, you can collect customer reviews as photos and videos for multiple products and have the option to collect and display directly on-site or over email.

It’s a feature-rich marketing tool that allows easy integration with CMS platforms and other third-party apps after shopify app development.

With the AI-powered dashboard, Shopify store owners can easily manage their reviews. Also, in-depth analysis gives valuable insights that help sellers to make informed decisions.

5. Product Reviews by Shopify
Shopify offers its built-in product reviews app to add a customer review feature to your products. This way, customers can share their feedback for the products, and visitors can instantly check the customer reviews that overall lead to sales and conversions. It’s a user-friendly app that can easily customize and leverage the power of customer reviews to grow your Shopify business.

6. Ali Reviews
Ali Reviews is the most popular product review app worldwide that merchants use to collect customer reviews. It’s a most user-friendly, simple and feature-rich product review app that helps sellers to collect customers reviews and easily import by using CSV files. With Ali Reviews, merchants can display their customers’ reviews on any website with a simple drag-and-drop tool.

Fera is an AI-powered customer-centric tool that allows merchants to build trust for their brand by collecting and showing customers reviews, photos, videos and testimonials on the products.

It imports reviews from Google, Facebook and Trustpilot and shows in the Shopify store, google search and Google shopping.

With Fera, you can collect reviews from different sources and display them most appealingly with the shopper’s verified badge. Also, it offers various eye-catching built-in themes to display reviews.

These are the top seven product review apps for Shopify sellers to build trust and authority for their brand by showing customer reviews to visitors and turning them into customers.

What are the Benefits of Having Reviews on Your Shopify Store?
There are numerous benefits of showing customers reviews on your Shopify store:

1. Build Trust and Credibility
By showing happy customers feedback and testimonials, you can build trust and credibility for your brand in front of potential buyers. Whenever any visitor comes to your website and sees so many positive reviews, then it automatically builds trust and increases confidence in the products.

2. Increase ROI
The biggest benefit of showing customer testimonials is higher ROI. When visitors see so many people sharing positive things about the products and how they benefit, it encourages new visitors to make buying decisions faster to get a similar experience.

3. Boost SEO Performance
Visitors reading so many happy customer testimonials builds trust for the brand, and customers happily spend more time in your store. With high traffic and increased spend time, Google considers your website well-optimized and boosts your SEO performance.

4. Give Customers Insights About Your Products
Customer reviews help buyers discover valuable insights about the products before purchasing. In reviews, customers share their experiences after using the product, how it feels, and the quality and benefits that help visitors make buying decisions.

5. Help to Improve Product Quality
When customers share their honest feedback for the Products, it also helps merchants to know what can be improved and their best-selling products. These valuable insights help merchants to improve product quality.

Overall, Product Reviews play an essential element in any Shopify store to increase traffic, boost conversions and build trust for the brand. It enhances the visitor’s experience and helps them gain valuable insights into the product, making their buying decisions faster and driving higher conversions for your business.

We hope this article helps you to explore everything about product reviews, their importance, benefits and some best product review apps for your Shopify store. Now it’s your turn to pick the best product review app to display customers’ reviews most appealingly and start getting results for your Shopify store.