Best Shopify Apps for Boosting the Sales Count of Your New Product

Best Shopify Apps for Boosting the Sales Count of Your New Product

You have started your new Shopify store, and believe that it will be accepted widely by the target audience. As you believe that you will be earning a good amount of money from the new launch, you will still have to plan on executing your marketing and sales pitch. Shopify is undoubtedly one of the most noteworthy platforms to help you scale your eCommerce business. 

But, the best way to excel in the field is to have the right tools or apps in your arsenal. For instance, you can integrate Shopify app discount code features into your new product to make it even more enticing for the customers to buy the same. Just like that, you can also encourage people to leave product reviews for it by using the dedicated app. 

In short, you must choose the right Shopify apps to streamline your store operations and enhance the overall functionality for you to acquire important insights about your customers and product response. But there are thousands of Shopify apps available online for you to choose from!

You ought to be smart enough to choose the right apps that can help contribute towards enhancing the sales rate of your product. To help you with the needful, this article brings to you a list of the five best Shopify apps from the crowd of thousands of options. So, read along till the end! 

What are the Five Best Shopify Apps for Scaling Your Sales?

Here is a list of some of the best Shopify apps that can be used to enhance the sales count of your select or overall products. Beyond choosing these apps, you must also be knowledgeable enough to use them in an optimal manner for driving profits. So, the best apps for boosting your sales include:

1.Shopify Product Review App

Encouraging more sales for your Shopify store will require you to convince new site visitors that your product is of top-notch quality. And keeping aside the product description, user-generated content or product reviews are what will play a major role in convincing the potential customers to make the purchase. 

Therefore, you can integrate product reviews Shopify app to request your satisfied customers to leave their feedback on the dedicated product pages. This way, every time a new customer lands on the specific product page, he/she will be able to go through the reviews to determine if you are providing quality products. 

Thus, it will be easier for them to make a decision on completing the purchase! With the use of this app, you will also be able to import & export the reviews in bulk with just a single click. Moreover, you can also offer incentives to the customers for leaving photo or video reviews for the select products. 

You will have the liberty to display the available product reviews across respective product pages or across the home page, collections page, etc. Set either a manual or automated review approval process over the app, depending on what would be better for your store's credibility. 

Some of the add-on features of a product review app are as follows:

  • You will be able to auto-schedule the review request emails on this app. 
  • Acquire an analytics dashboard where you will be able to access information about the reviews on a single dashboard. 
  • Have the feasibility to authorize the reviews and provide them a verified badge for reassuring the customers that the feedback is from genuine customers. 

2.Shopify Advanced Multi-Wishlist App

In some cases, customers do like your new product or range of products available across the store. But they might not feel like making the purchase right at the moment. Therefore, they consider saving the products to buy them later. To provide such a facility to your customers, you must get the best wishlist app for the Shopify store.

With the use of this app, you will be allowing your customers to save their favorite products in multiple wishlists. Remember, if a potential customer is taking the hassle to save certain products to a wishlist, there is a high chance he/she will come back to complete the purchase at one point in time. 

Therefore, you must emphasize choosing the right app to add the wishlist feature to your store. With such an app, you can also decide whether you have to provide the wishlist feature on select or all products at your store. Moreover, you can also add a public wishlist, where everyone can see what products have been wishlisted by how many people. 

There will be a one-button feature within the wishlists for the customers to move all of those select items to the cart, following which they can proceed to the checkout. You have the liberty to either allow or refuse guest users to avail of the wishlist feature. Irrespective of what the app's logo is, you can always customize it to align with your brand's look. 

Some of the add-on features of a wishlist app are:

  • You will be able to send out the email reminders. 
  • Provide your customers with the feasibility of creating multiple wishlists. 
  • Add a customizable wishlist button across all your product pages. 

3.Shopify Voice Search App

It is one of the most popular feature integrations that you can make to your store. The purpose of it is to allow your customers to find your products feasible, without the need for typing their queries in the search bar. Suppose you are running a marketing campaign for your select range of products.

In that case, the voice search feature will enable you to deliver faster and more accurate results through proper speech recognition technology. Not only that but the voice search queries can also be channeled to provide your customers with personalized recommendations on select products. 

The implementation of a voice search app in your Shopify store will also enhance mobile optimization, as it becomes difficult for people to type out product names on small keyboards. It is one of the best Shopify apps, as it blends with the product catalogs and streamlines the overall tasks. 

When your customers tend to avail a better user experience in your store, it is evident they will be more inclined towards making the purchase. Finding the required products easily, without wandering across the hundreds of products or typing the name out, is something that replicates a better experience for the customers. Thus, it is one of the tools you must have for enhancing the store's performance and ultimately enhancing the sales rate. 

Some of the add-on features that you will acquire upon integrating the Shopify voice search app are:

  • The voice-search feature will be mobile responsive as well, for you to use it almost anytime. 
  • You will have the liberty to tailor the voice search designs as well as the appearance to match the overall brand style, using multiple customization options. 
  • Enables you to make the search experiences more engaging, which further leads to increased sales. 
  • Integrate voice search analytics to gain information on what the customers are mostly searching for and optimize the product list or catalog accordingly. 

4.Shopify Customer Discount App

There is no better way to entice your customers to buy a product than using the Shopify app discount code feature over the product page of your store. Using such an application, you will be able to run your discount campaigns more smoothly and manage them all under one single dashboard. 

You will be able to customize the look & feel of your discount app, using the custom colors and layout, and align it with that of your brand's presence. The best part is that you will be able to create unique discount coupons or codes for various promotional offers on your site, such as fixed discounts, Buy-One-Get-One, Free Shipping, or others. 

Not only that, but you will also have the liberty to implement automated rules for applying discounts to certain products in your store. For instance, you can consider offering your customers a specific percentage discount based on the total order value or product type they choose. 

You don't have to be technically sharp for using the discount app on Shopify, as it comes with a very user-friendly interface, for you to add and manage the product discounts. Personalization of discounts is also an option for you, as you can create specific customer groups and offer ideal discounts to them. 

Some of the add-on features to a customer discount app that Shopify has to offer are:

  • You will be able to track the performance of your specific discount campaigns based on sales, usage, and conversion rates. 
  • You have the feasibility to add specific terms and conditions for ensuring that one can add correct codes for availing the discounts on their select purchases. 
  • There is an option for you to create an urgency for people to avail of the discounts within set expiration dates. 

Bottom Line

If you have started a new Shopify store and want to choose the right apps for scaling your sales rate, the official and third-party app hubs might be overwhelming. You will be made available with a plethora of apps that will all seem necessary at first! But you can't go with the initial flow or preferences! 

Whether you are in search of a Shopify app discount code integration, a product review app, or anything else, your end goal should be to improve your sales. And the options listed above are meant to offer you the same. Do check out the core features, and make sure you utilize the functionalities well to increase your sales count.