Different Ways to Seek Support for Your Shopify Store Hassles!

Different Ways to Seek Support for Your Shopify Store Hassles!

Are you new to Shopify and want to start your online store? If yes, you have definitely made the right decision, as it is one of the best platforms to scale your online business. But, even though things are pretty much simplified over Shopify, there will be times when you might feel stuck with the platform’s features or functionalities. 

So, how to seek support or help to overcome any potential Shopify hassle? 

The ultimate way to seek a solution is to hire Shopify developers to help navigate the entire pathway for you to set up your store on the platform. With them at your back, you don’t have to stick to those free and default themes, as you can create your custom ones. Following that, the dedicated experts will help you understand all the technicalities of the platform. 

Even though it is the best way, it shouldn’t be the only way! There are various other ways for you to get the required support, not just for development aspects but even for the store's running functions. And this article will make you aware of those ways!

How Can You Get Support for Dealing with Shopify Operations?

Here are some of the ways using which you can acquire enough support to deal with your store running functions and even with the basic store setup:

1. Check the Shopify Help Center

Shopify Help Center is a very in-depth knowledge base that comes with FAQs, tutorials and other such resources for you to find solutions and answers to most of your questions. Not only that, but you will also be able to explore the problems that other Shopify users are experiencing and the solutions that they found over the knowledge base. 

You can search for the query in the Shopify Help Center to find all the relevant answers or guides that are stored within the online directory. For instance, if you want to know how to set up a domain on Shopify, you just have to type it out in the search box at the top of the help centre page. 

Apart from manually accessing the Help Center, you can also use the AI chatbot of Shopify and let it know your query. It will fetch the data from the knowledge base resources, as this AI bot is connected directly to the Shopify Help Center. In case you don’t find the relevant solution in the help centre, move onto the next method. 

2. Access the Live Chat Support on Shopify

Shopify platform provides you with a 24/7 live chat support feature, which is one of the quickest and easiest ways for you to acquire support. You will see an icon on the contact page of your Shopify admin dashboard. Just tap on the icon, and an agent will connect with you on the live chat. 

To access this support service, you will first have to log into the Shopify account and then go to the ‘Contact Support’ tab. You will then be asked to choose an appropriate topic based on which you want the support. You will first be provided with certain FAQs or articles that relate to your query. 

But, you have to scroll down on the page and find the option ‘Chat With Us’. Enter the asked details such as emailID, name and your query. Now, once you have entered the chat, a live agent will soon connect to discuss the issue with you. They will try their best to solve the query over chat itself. Give them enough time to understand your concerns!

3. Shopify Phone or Email Support

You can also consider dropping an email to the Shopify team or directly contacting them through phone support. There are multiple email IDs available over the Shopify platform for respective types of issues, such as billing or general inquiries. You have the liberty to give detailed attachments and explanations along with your email. 

And the response time for the emails is somewhere around 24 to 72 hours, and you will get your response within this timeframe. Apart from seeking email support, you can also connect with the Shopify executives through phone support. Shopify’s phone support team is available 24/7, which gives you a greater scope of seeking support at any point in time. 

You don’t have to feel stuck with your online store or any query that’s bothering your streamlined operations. On the Shopify support page, you must look for the ‘Request a Callback’ feature, where you must enter your query in brief and fill out other information as asked. Send the request, and you will get a callback in the next few minutes. 

4. Hire a Shopify Development Company

The best way to bid goodbye to all the Shopify-related hassles is by hiring a Shopify development company. These experts will not just be helping you in developing a unique store, but will also be helping you throughout your initial business stages. You can take their suggestions on any technical hiccups that you experience with your store. 

The developers who have worked on your site to add various features and functionalities will be the best support mates to fix the issues as well. Therefore, look out for a company that offers after-deployment support solutions as well to make sure your Shopify experience doesn’t get affected. 

As the development professionals have worked with various clients in the past, and have dealt with several queries or inquiries, they have the right knowledge and skills to get you out of a stuck position while you are running your store on Shopify. 

Parting Words

At times, it is not just the impeccable online store that you need, the after-deployment support is what makes the platform trustworthy. Shopify is one such platform that offers an extensive list of support options for you to get solutions for your queries. Apart from that, you also have the liberty to hire Shopify developers  to refine your store and help you out at times when you get stuck on the platform. 

When you are new to Shopify, you should get all the help you need for staging your business on the success path. This article gave you all the possible ways to seek the same!