Get a Detailed Understanding of Shopify Customer Segmentation

Get a Detailed Understanding of Shopify Customer Segmentation

Won’t you find it frustrating if your inbox is full of promotional messages or product offers that you aren’t interested in? Probably yes! 

This is the same feeling for all your customers who are getting unwanted newsletters, product promotion emails and other such offer messages related to your Shopify store products. 

Hiring a Shopify development company to craft an appealing store should not be the end of your services with them. You will need them to help you with a Shopify app that will support you with customer segmentation. 

It might seem like sending out emails and marketing promotions to all your customers in the email list will bring in a lot of conversions. To some extent, you might get a good number of sales through this approach, but you will also lose some of your potential customers. 

The right way to overcome this is, Shopify customer segmentation! But before you get along with your request for developing a customer segmentation solution for your Shopify store, you should understand the importance of it. 

So, this article is here to help you understand what customer segmentation is and what benefits it can bring to your business. 

What do You Understand by Shopify Customer Segmentation?

In general, customer segmentation is the practice of dividing your list of customers into specific groups based on various criteria. For instance, you can segment the customers based on their purchase history, behaviour, preferences and demographics. 

With this practice, you, as a Shopify merchant, will be able to acquire deep insights into what your customers expect from your brand. Depending on this, you will be able to understand what your customers prefer, based on which you can deliver them more personalised experiences. 

What are the Benefits of Segmenting Customers for Your Shopify Business?

If you are all set to hire Shopify developers to create dedicated analytics or customer segmentation apps for your business, let’s make you feel more confident about the initiative. Here are some benefits of Shopify customer segmentation for you to count on:

  • With customer segmentation, you will be able to personalise your core marketing efforts, customer interactions and product offerings. You will be able to tailor your business operations with respect to what your customers expect. 
  • When you segment the customers based on diverse behaviour, purchase history and demographics, you will have the capability to create certain targeted marketing campaigns. This way, you can market your products in an appealing, relevant and unique manner to each segment or customer group. 
  • When you tend to use the best Shopify apps for segmenting your customers by analysing the respective data, you will be able to understand their unique needs and preferences. With this, you can provide your customers with more tailored services and products. 
  • When you segment the customers, you will be able to help your Shopify business allocate the resources with utmost efficiency. It will help you concentrate your resources or efforts on the customer segments that contribute more towards your store productivity. 

How Can You Segment Your Customers for the Shopify Store?

You definitely need to hire Shopify developers and get a new app integrated into your store for analysing customer data. But, you still need to know the approach to using the app and its features for getting along with customer segmentation, which includes:

1. Observe the Purchase History

Do use the dedicated tool or app for monitoring the past purchases of your customers, and identify specific preferences and patterns, which will help you create certain targeted marketing promotions and campaigns. 

2. Gather Demographic Information

Next, you must gather information about your customers, such as their age, location, gender and other such demographic details, for you to better understand them. This way, creating personalised marketing strategies for dedicated audience groups will be easier. 

3. Track the User Behaviour

Using the best Shopify apps for customer data tracking or segmentation, you will be able to determine the user behaviour metrics as well. For instance, you will get the data on viewed products, time spent on dedicated web pages and browsing history to determine what interests your customers. 

4. Analyze the Reviews and Feedback

Collect customer reviews and feedback and analyse them to determine how satisfied they are with your products and services. Moreover, this step will also help you fix any possible loopholes or problematic areas within the store operations. Not only that but specifying repeat or loyal customers will also be easier with this approach to segmenting customers. 

5. Look After Marketing Interactions

With the right app, you can seek updates on how your customers respond to marketing campaigns. For instance, track the responses on social media ads, email newsletters and other such promotions, for gauging the engagement rate and potential flaws in your marketing moves. 

In What Ways Can You Use Shopify Customer Segmentation?

Upon using all the above-said methods or techniques, you will finally be able to segment different customer groups. Now, here are a few ways for you to unlock the benefits of this segmentation approach, which includes:

  • Launch personalised marketing campaigns across diverse operating channels. 
  • Put up customised product recommendations for the customers based on their purchase history and segment preference. This approach will help you with more upselling and cross-selling opportunities for your Shopify store. 
  • Introduce specific discounts or promotions with respect to dedicated customer segments. Such offer tailoring can be done by analysing the preferences or purchasing behaviour of respective segments. 
  • Leveraging customer preference or demand insights will help you introduce new products to your store. It will align your brand’s offerings to that of the needs associated with each customer segment. 

Parting Words

When you utilise customer segmentation for your Shopify store, it becomes more convenient for you to run your business. And that’s because you will know the right way to market or present your products to each customer group or offer them with unique promotions or discounts. 

This way, your Shopify store will be able to attain better conversion rates and enhanced user satisfaction, ensuring consistent growth for your business. So, you are advised to hire a Shopify development company to get you a highly functional store along with a dedicated customer data analytics app with support for segmentation.