How to Find the Best Shopify Apps For Your Business?

How to Find the Best Shopify Apps For Your Business?

If you are starting on Shopify or have a business already and want to increase sales, then you have already explored the apps available in the Shopify Store.

The Shopify App Store offers over 6,000 apps. The apps cater to various business needs. These can include marketing, conversion, shipping & fulfilment, customer service, and more. 

It is a valuable resource for your Shopify App Development services to find tools to manage and expand your business.

With new apps launching constantly, it can be challenging to go through the clutter and determine which apps are worth your money.

Here are eight things to consider before selecting and installing your next Shopify App.

Ratings and feedbacks

Shopify effectively guarantees that reviews on the App Store are valuable and reliable through:

  • Mandating the need for a Shopify account sign-in in order to submit a review.
  • Discouraging app providers from giving incentives or posting fake reviews in their listings.

Reviews provide valuable insights into the app's performance and also shed light on users' experiences with the Shopify App Development services  responsible for the app.

Make sure to carefully read reviews to understand any potential issues and if they have been addressed.


When you are checking out prices for Shopify apps, be sure to focus on the overall cost of utilizing the app. It's an additional cost on top of the initial price displayed on the app's page. 

Also, consider the price adjustments as your consumption rises to be aware of what you will be spending.

Make sure to consider the complete ownership expenses when setting up an app. You can hire Shopify Store Management Services to manage your store efficiently. 

Level of assistance provided

Before installing an app for your business, ensure that the app's team is just as dedicated to your success as you are.

Key aspects to monitor:

  • What is the expected timeframe for a response when dealing with an issue?
  • Is there a help section in the app or on the website where you can seek solutions to your queries?
  • Is there any coaching provided by the app prior to purchasing their services?
  • Are there any app reviews that focus on either positive or negative support interactions?
  • Do they offer Shopify Store Management Services?

Connecting with Shopify

Shopify carefully examines the quality of apps available on their platform. Therefore, you can trust that all apps will have some level of integration with Shopify.

  • The level of integration between apps can vary. So, it's crucial to understand your use cases and assess the functionality of the Shopify integration.
  • An effective integration should help you save time by enabling easy access and utilization of your existing work to set up your Shopify store within the app.
  • You also need to ensure that the information and reports in the best Shopify apps accurately match what is in your Shopify account, especially if you use the app to monitor order and customer details.

Professional endorsement

Are those familiar with Shopify and the services you are integrating the app for suggesting it to their followers?

It is essential to inquire about this when assessing a new app for your store. This is crucial, especially for an app that has been in existence for several years and has a large number of users.

  • For example, you need a Shopify Form Builder App .A simple method to discover this information is by searching on your browser: "Top Shopify Apps for [Blank]." There are numerous articles and videos available that provide app suggestions. 
  • You can also visit the app's website to see if they offer a partner or affiliate program. Having an app partner with an expert is always a positive indicator.

Outcomes for companies similar to yours

Ultimately, you're adding a new app to your store to accomplish a task.

Although receiving a positive review and validation from experts is beneficial, the most crucial validation to seek is whether this app has been successful for businesses similar to yours. 

For example, if you want to integrate the Shopify Product Review app-does the app you're choosing fit your brand image? 

  • Usually, you need to leave the App Store and navigate to the company's website that developed the app. 
  • If their website lacks statistics, quotes, or examples from similar businesses, that could be a warning sign.
  • Make sure to ask for specific examples of how the app developers have assisted businesses similar to yours before making a purchase.

Wrapping up

Next time you need an app to assist with a problem, you'll have a clear idea of what to search for.

Avoid wasting valuable time and resources on a solution that is not suitable for your business. Concentrate on the important things: expanding your business.

Get the best Shopify apps for your store and offer your customers a better shopping experience.