How Will the Shopify Editions Summer 2023 Affect Merch

How Will the Shopify Editions Summer 2023 Affect Merch
The Shopify Summer Editions 2023 is now out, and merchants are eagerly waiting for these updates to navigate their eCommerce business to the next level. These changes or upgrades are not just destined to help merchants but also the Shopify developers and partners involved in the eCommerce world.

The prior updates in 2022 had features such as Built to Last and Connect to Consumer, which were definitely a hit! Some of the best Shopify apps were introduced back then, which helped the store owners take their operations and store functionalities grow exceptionally. But, the 2023 editions have arrived with more than hundreds of improvements.

Most of these improvements consist of new add-on workflows or features for the platform, alongside other tools or apps that help meet consumer demands on priority. B2B, AI, and a lot of other Shopify apps, such as Bundles, Marketplace Connect, and Subscriptions, have been added to the 2023 editions.

You will learn more about these inclusions to the Shopify Editions Summer 2023, further in this article. So, read along till the end to find out what’s new in Shopify to help you advance your eCommerce business to the next level.

What are the Feature Updates Introduced to Shopify Editions Summer 2023?
Shopify is quite focused on scaling the future of eCommerce and is addressing to the ever-growing demands of it. To ensure that the merchants or entrepreneurs are levelling up their online business, Shopify has just dropped immense features, products, and updates for them to reimagine their brand impression. To help you get a better insight into these updates, here are a few of the most astounding improvements that you must be aware of:

1. New Checkout Features
Checkout is still one of the biggest priorities for the Shopify platform. In this recent update, Shopify has introduced around 17 fresh APIs for all the developers to improve the checkout functions that are available to the Shopify plans through dedicated public apps.

Some of the crucial updates that are announced in the Summer Updates 2023 with respect to the checkout attributes are:

  • Address validation
  • Customised fonts
  • Up-selling subscriptions
  • Checkout editor
  • Pre-orders editor
With these features or functionalities, the credibility of your store will increase, as the customers will find it easy to proceed with the checkout option on your store. But remember that all of these checkout function updates are made available to the Shopify Plus users who use Shopify UI.

2. Enhanced B2B Features
Shopify also introduced certain tailored features associated with B2B businesses, which include:

  • Better pricing control
  • Customer management
  • Store customization
  • Volume Pricing
  • Tiered discounts for high-volume orders
Some features, such as volume pricing and tiered discounts, work in collaboration with one another. It means implementing volume pricing will enable all Shopify merchants to promote price breaks based on quantity, which would encourage the buyers to go for bulk purchases. Thus, your B2B customers will be buying larger quantities from you, encouraging better sales and revenue for your online business.
3. Visual Redesign
Shopify has implemented a visual redesign to enhance its user experience and interface. With this new-age intuitive and clean design language, you can expect a better visual appeal and user-friendliness from your Shopify store. Some of the notable updates that Shopify has made with respect to visual redesign are as follows:

  • A refined color palette is added to enhance accessibility and readability.
  • Fonts are updated for better legibility of the content across various screen sizes.
  • Spacing and layout have been optimized for replicating a more organized appeal.
  • Responsive and intuitive buttons are added to enhance the interactivity.
In short, the visual design of Shopify in the recent Editions Summer 2023 integrates an astounding user experience for developers, buyers, and merchants alike.

4. Shop App Improvements
Shop is Shopify’s mobile assistant, which has witnessed impeccable improvements, allowing merchants with more branding solutions and customers with a proactive shopping experience. Merchants will now be able to add a specific image or video header over the store using the Shop app, making your brand seem more memorable and engaging.

With this feature, you will be able to highlight unique selling points, promote special offers, and share brand stories to create a better rapport with your customers. Following that, the recent improvements are also impactful in helping you implement astounding customization options for tailoring your store to represent your unique brand impression. You can now customize the color schemes, layouts, and fonts to scale the brand experience for customers across both apps as well as the web store.

Following that, the product discovery attributes of the app have also been improved to provide customers with personalized recommendations based on their purchasing or browsing history. This shall enhance the enjoyment of customers and efficiency in the overall shopping process.

As the recent updates enable the Shop app to be integrated with core Shopify features such as Shop Pay, order tracking, and others, your store will become an ultimate shopping destination for customers. To scale the efficacy, you can also add the Shopify best review app to your store and keep a tab on how your customers feel about buying from you over others. This would help you use the improved features in a more proficient manner to enhance the store experience.

What are the New Apps Introduced with Shopify Editions Summer 2023?
When you include the Shopify apps to your dedicated eCommerce platform, it helps you add a plethora of functionalities and features to scale customer experiences. May it be marketing your products or providing customer support, you can seek Shopify app development to get the right option to meet your needs, or get one from the official app store.

Every app within the official Shopify store has some capabilities to enhance the eCommerce functions. But, with these recent updates, some new apps are introduced, which might help you add enhanced functionalities, making you an eCommerce business of the future.

So, let’s discuss some of the new apps or associated improvements made to the existing ones in Shopify Editions Summer 2023 to scale your online business proficiency:

1. Shopify Flow
Shopify Flow is a dedicated application that allows store owners to implement certain automation associated with specific store operations. For instance, you can automate the need for sending a welcome message or email to the customers upon signing up or delisting a product that’s sold-out.

In the past, Shopify Flow was made available only to merchants with the Shopify Plus plan, but now it is available for everyone. The Shopify Basic merchants can now also use the efficacy of this app across their brand stores for no cost.

2. Shopify Subscriptions
Beyond using a review or form builder Shopify app, it is now time to implement a subscription economy for your store. It is a big deal in the eCommerce sector! There are several third-party applications available over Shopify app store to help you add subscription-based earning sources to your platform. But most of those solutions are paid for!

But Shopify has now introduced its own Subscriptions app, which allows your end-customers to enable product subscriptions on your store for free. Alongside that, your customers are also liable for performing such basic subscription actions, such as updating payment details, pausing the deduction, or canceling the subscription directly from their respective store accounts.

3. Shopify Bundles
It is, again, a new app that allows you to configure some product bundles and market them to your customers. You can use your existing products from the store and create customized bundles out of them. Once you list them and it start gaining customers’ attention, you would experience a better sales rate, as multiple products from your catalog are being sold together.

When a bundled product is sold from your store, this app will update the inventory data of all individual products within the bundle automatically without any manual intervention. The major benefit of Shopify Bundles is you get to avail of the native integration solution alongside the free accessibility.

4. Shopify Marketplace Connect
Shopify Marketplace Connect is an app that helps you upload your products to various marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. Upon integrating this new app into your store, you can expect your orders, customer data, description, and inventory to be synced automatically.

Not only that, but you can also set up some custom pricing options for various marketplaces. This gives you more control over setting your earnings from diverse marketplaces.

5. Shopify Magic and Shopify Sidekick
Shopify Sidekick is an AI bot that tends to help store owners run their businesses successfully. This app was introduced before the Editions of Summer 2023 were released. And now, this is just a part of the overall Shopify Magic app, which consists of all the AI-embedded eCommerce tools.

The combined usage of these apps or tools tends to enhance the functions of Shopify Inbox by automating the process of generating replies and answering FAQs. This also helps you write better product descriptions and emails, making your site look more professional and interesting for the customers to buy from you.

Bottom Line
The Shopify Editions Summer 2023 has introduced some impeccable feature add-ons and has provided merchants with some of the best Shopify apps to count on. With these inclusions, merchants have no excuses for not expanding their eCommerce businesses to start earning higher revenue by bagging more sales.

In short, the overall updates that were made to the Shopify platform were mostly based on leveraging AI capabilities, improving B2B transactions, and integrating more free apps. All of it and more has helped Shopify store owners be prepared for the future of eCommerce.