Pave Your Way for Effective Marketing with the Shopify Landing Pages

Pave Your Way for Effective Marketing with the Shopify Landing Pages
When running a Shopify store, the first and most important thing is to bring in traffic for your site. Now, that can be time-consuming and expensive if you aren’t aware of what needs to be done.

Upon seeking Shopify app development by professionals, you might find solutions such as running paid ads or hiring professionals for compelling content. Well, these things are absolutely important for you to get potential leads and better chances of conversions.

But professionals might recommend something more important and even more rewarding in terms of providing you more traffic, customers, and conversions. And that is curating your landing pages! Do you want to know why & how?

Well, take it this way! If you have just one page that you want your entire audience to reach, they will bounce off. It is because the ad you shared and the content you posted won’t always match the intent of the page.

So, why not create different landing pages to match your marketing efforts? If that rings some bells in your mind, this article is here to help you explain how Shopify landing pages can help you scale your marketing efforts. Read along till the end.

What Do You Understand by A Shopify Landing Page?
Landing pages are nothing but unique web pages that you design for your store to match the intent of your marketing efforts with the store’s presentation of that service or product. It just takes the customers to their next step within the sales funnel.

For example, if you are running an ad for your existing customers to encourage them to repeat purchases, you don’t have to bore them with unwanted information in their next step after clicking the ad. You can just show them the product page and entice them to get going with the purchase.

On the other hand, if you are attracting new customers, you must not have a thick or too direct of a sales pitch on your web page. It is because you might want to educate those people with information on why your product or service is better and what pain points it addresses.

All of it, you can’t do with just a single webpage where every customer lands upon clicking on your website URL. Therefore, it is important you hire Shopify developer and get their help for creating different landing pages to align with your individual marketing measures.

In short, you must know that dedicated landing pages on your Shopify store that drive the focus of customers towards just one offer have a better chance of giving you conversions. But, if you stick to your main webpage, where there is a plethora of options, you are overwhelming the customers, and they will end up doing nothing.

Giving them with just one solution or offer to their addressed problem will entice them to make the decision instantly.

How Can Shopify Landing Pages Help Your Business?
Suppose you host certain events alongside selling products or services and want your audience to be part of them as well. In that case, you will need a landing page that not just educates people about the event but also presents them with an event calendar Shopify can help you integrate easily.

Thus, you will get a great audience for the online or offline events, as people can now scroll your event calendar easily to book tickets. If not for that, your audience would never care to go to your main website, search for the calendar, and go through the events. They would mostly come to you for the products and might not get the hint about the events you host.

This explains how important landing pages can be for Shopify businesses, for marketing without limitations!

Even though you have the best Shopify apps integrated into your store for enhancing the functionalities and customer experience features, if you don’t market the offers or products as well as they deserve, the conversion rates will drop! You will witness impeccable traffic but no optimal results within a satisfactory ratio.

Therefore, creating custom Shopify landing pages won’t just help you great sales but will also provide you with some added benefits, such as:
  • Talk to Specific Groups of the Audience
When you create some targeted landing pages for your Shopify store, you can attend to the different segments of customers, targeting the specific audience group. It will help the visitors know they have landed on the right page, and making the decisions will be easier.

  • Paid Ad Campaigns will Deliver Better ROI
When you have curated landing pages for your Shopify store, your highly targeted paid ads will not just bring in relevant visitors to the site but will also ensure high conversions through better ROI.

  • Conduct Effective A/B Testing
With the ability to conduct consistent A/B testing on specific Shopify landing pages, you will be able to determine what elements tend to support the conversions. For instance, you can see if the contact form added to the page is being filled or not. If not, you can work on it or use Shopify form builder app to create a new and enticing one.

  • Understand Customer Preferences
The Shopify store owners will be able to keep track of the traffic flow on the landing pages and the rate of conversions within them. In this way, you will be able to predict the preferences of your customers or target audience.

What are the Tips One Should Follow for Creating Highly Converting Landing Pages for Shopify Store?
Some of the tips for you to create highly converting landing pages for your store at Shopify are:

  • Set Clearer Goals
Every landing page you design for your Shopify store should revolve around only one objective. With this clarity on your landing page goals, you will be able to segregate the right information in different ways to create a follow-able structure for your customers.

  • Identify Your Target Audience and Their Requirements
Visitors who click on your website URL and land on your dedicated page will have a certain expectation to find specific information. Therefore, before you design your landing pages, be assured to research your audience’s search intents and try to cater to them.

  • Determine the Value Proposition
Once you have the customer problems noted down, take note of how your products or services can help them overcome those hassles. Present your product as the best available solution in comparison to the other options out there. In this way, you will be able to give a great value proposition for people to know why they should choose you.

  • Present Yourself with A Clear and Concise Messaging
Landing pages, just like any other marketing approach, need on-brand, concise, and audience-centric content. You cannot get into the random messaging attitude on your landing pages, as that would affect the rate of conversion. Ensure the landing page content is short, crisp, and to the point. Add bullet points to increase the readability.

  • Headlines Should be Undoubtedly Excellent
The attention span of the online audience is quite thin! It takes just around eight seconds for people to decide whether your service is what they are looking for or not. So, your job is to make an impact in the first two seconds. And that would be possible only if your landing page has an enticing and compelling headline. Let the headline instruct your customers on what they would get upon reading further on the page.

  • Position the CTA Buttons Well
Bringing in traffic to your landing pages is not the goal, as increasing conversions through it is! Therefore, you must use strong CTA buttons in strategic places over the landing page. Remember not to add too many CTAs after every promotional pitch over the page. But consider adding them in spots where it becomes essential for directing your visitors to take their next step in your sales funnel.

  • Don’t Compromise on Imagery
The pictures or graphics you use over the landing page will make the most impact. Add appealing media content that won’t just complement the promotional content but will also help you keep the visitors stay for longer on your landing page. If your imagery can manage to impress the visitors right from the moment they land, your chance of converting them into customers will increase!

  • Take Out All the Conversion Barrier
Some of the common conversion barriers include a longer checkout process, inadequate or outdated information, and slower loading time. Be assured to eradicate all of these barriers and keep your landing pages updated with the latest information at all times. This will help scale your brand reputation and increase your conversions.

Parting Words
And that’s quite a few things that might have helped you understand the importance of Shopify landing pages. If you feel it is something you should have done long back, remember, it is never later to kick start your marketing efforts once again.

So, you can hire Shopify developer from the best agencies out there and get your landing pages ready in no time. Don’t give any chance to your competitors to go beyond you when you know your products or services are better. Curate amazing landing pages to boost your business sales right away!