Should You Integrate a Shopify Discount App to Your Store? A Detailed Guide!

Should You Integrate a Shopify Discount App to Your Store? A Detailed Guide!
There is an abundance of best Shopify apps out there in the official marketplace, which enables you to enhance your store’s functionalities and features immensely. When running a Shopify store, it becomes very important for you to constantly look for new ways to boost your brand exposure, increase sales and boost conversions.

And in that quest, you might have stumbled upon the use of Shopify discount apps. Well, as the name suggests, integrating this app into your store will help you put up offers or discounts for customers easily. It is one of the greatest approaches for you to attract more customers from your target audience and improve the sales rate.

Earlier, you had to manually add the discounts or offers to your store, which was technically tiresome. Therefore, with the use of the right Shopify app, you can automate the process of promoting and offering discounts to the customers in your store. You shall know more about it later in this article!

So, let’s take this post further with the intention to understand the perks of integrating the Shopify discount app into the store and whether or not you should get it.

What is a Shopify Discount App?
Shopify discount apps integrate with the admin panel of your dedicated store. If you want your set discount automatically applied at checkout for Shopify store based on specific criteria, you ought to integrate these dedicated apps.

You will be able to set discount offers aligning with specific criteria such as shipping destination, order total, product type and others.

For instance, suppose you have put up a discount for anyone who orders beyond a specific total amount. In that case, using a Shopify discount app will ensure the set discount gets automatically fed to the checkout page without the need for customers to input a discount code.

There are a lot of Shopify discount apps available for you to count on over the marketplace. But you have to go with one that’s the best in the lot! Therefore, this guide will help you choose the best automatic discount app to enhance your Shopify sales.

Why is it Important to Focus on Offering Discounts While Running a Shopify Store?
Undoubtedly, discounts are referred to as impactful tools for boosting sales and driving new customers to your Shopify store. You will be able to create an astounding sense of urgency among your customers for them to make impulse purchases of your high-ticket products.

Thus, it will increase your AOV (Average Order Value) and will also help you clear out your overstocked items. As a result, you will acquire better conversions and generate higher revenue for building long-term relationships with your customers.

One of the major benefits of providing customers with discounts on your Shopify store is you will be earning their loyalty. When customers get belief that they are being given the best deals in the market, they would like to stick to your store and come back for more.

If you are consistent enough to provide them with enticing discounts or offers, eventually, your entire customer base will turn out to be loyal. And for offering discounts at a consistent pace, you must need automation on priority. Integrate the right discount app, or seek Shopify app development to create a customised one.

What are the Benefits of Using A Shopify Discount App?
Now that you are clear about the importance of offering discounts to your Shopify customers let’s learn how the use of a Shopify discount app can be of great help to it. Here are some benefits of using discount apps Shopify has to offer:

1. Creating Discount Codes
Using Shopify discount apps, you will be able to automatically create discount codes, which you can then market over your store. These apps of Shopify show discount on cart page for refraining customers from manually entering the code. But, if you have provided your select consumers with a specific discount code valid for them, they can remove the auto-fed code and enter theirs easily as well.

2. Easy Management of Discounts
Using a dedicated Shopify discount app will help you with an efficient and convenient way of implementing or managing the discounts over the store. You just have to schedule your discount updates, and the app will automatically make it go live. You can also manage those discounts over a centralised dashboard to make necessary changes or remove them.

3. Performance Tracking of Discount Campaigns
The next big thing that the Shopify discount app has to offer is performance tracking for dedicated campaigns. With such apps, you will be able to monitor if a specific discount campaign attracted enough audience as per your expectations or not. Depending on these insights, you can make changes to your discounts or sale offers accordingly.

4. Easy Personalisation or Customisation of Offers
When you choose the right discount app for your Shopify store, you will be able to personalise and customise the discount offers that you intend to provide your customers with. There are various templates or designs available over these apps for you to curate engaging and appealing discount campaigns that would go well with your brand theme.

5. Run Targeted Discount Campaigns
Using the select discount apps for Shopify, you can also be able to implement advanced segmentation and targeting features. This will help you curate your discounts or the entire campaign with respect to various demographics or customer segments.

What are the Different Types of Discounts You Can Create Using Dedicated Shopify Apps?
Depending on the type of Shopify discount app you choose, you will be able to provide different types of discounts through it. Some of them are:

1. Bundle Discounts
Bundle discounts are referred to as offers that businesses provide to their customers for purchasing multiple services or products from them. For instance, you can put up a 10% discount for customers who buy an iPhone with a charging adapter from your store.

2. Volume Discounts
Volume discounts are meant to lower the buying price for customers when they purchase larger quantities of specific products. For instance, you can introduce 20% off if someone buys four packets of eggs.

3. General or Wholesale Discounts
Wholesale or general discounts are specified when your Shopify store is offering lowered prices to customers, irrespective of what or how much they purchase. This kind of discount is meant only for stores that sell products only in large quantities.

4. BOGO (Buy One Get One) Discount
It is a specific type of discount that’s highly popular in Shopify stores, which entices customers the most. Upon introducing this discount, you will be giving your customers an opportunity to get two products at the price of one.

What are the Factors You Should Consider While Choosing the Right Shopify Discount App?
When you tend to select your Shopify discount app from the official store of the platform, you will often find yourself lost in the cosmos of options. Therefore, you must take note of certain factors that can help you decide on one of the best Shopify discount apps over the store. The consideration factors include:

1. Ease of Use & Installation
The discount app you choose for your Shopify store should be easy to install and use. With easy usability, you will be able to easily create or manage different discount campaigns for your Shopify store.

2. Theme Compatibility
Your developers might have used a custom theme for your Shopify store to enhance its aesthetic appeal and functional performance. So, while choosing a discount Shopify app for the store, you must ensure it is compatible with the existing theme. Talk to your developers to help you with this clarity.

3. Customisation Options
The discount app you choose for your store should enable you to use diverse customisation options for your discount campaigns. Look for the availability of templates, designs, and other such features.

4. Pricing Structure
Pricing is one of the most crucial considerations when choosing a discount app. You must have a budget you intend to spend on adding extensions or apps to your Shopify store. So, stick to that budget and pick an app that has reasonable monthly or annual pricing.

5. Integration Support
The discount apps you choose for your Shopify store should be able to integrate with other apps or tools that are already present. Such capability will ensure your tools or apps are in sync with one another, enabling you to streamline your Shopify store management aspects.

If you want to end up choosing the right Shopify discount app for your store, it is very important you take these factors into consideration. Picking the right application is what will play a crucial role in helping you scale your business sales and revenue.

Bottom Line
This is a clear understanding of the importance of Shopify discount apps for your store, which will ultimately help you bag more sales and revenue. You can either pick the right one by considering the specified factors from the official app store or seek customised Shopify app development.

If you seek customer app development, the experts will help tailor your discount app with respect to your brand requirements. Considering the information you have gained in this article on Shopify discount apps, you might now have in-depth clarity on how beneficial it would be for you in the long run.