Unleash Your E-commerce Potential: Top 10 Features of Shopify Plus

Unleash Your E-commerce Potential: Top 10 Features of Shopify Plus

Planning to expand your store? Shopify Plus might be a great option. But what is it?

Shopify Plus is the enterprise-level solution from Shopify. It is designed to cater to the requirements of high-volume businesses with ambitious growth plans. 

It presents a robust set of features. And when you couple it with Shopify App Development services you can scale your online store effectively. Consequently, you can streamline operations, and deliver only the best customer experiences. 

In today’s blog we’ll talk about the top 10 features that make Shopify Plus a compelling choice for businesses seeking to thrive in the highly competitive e-commerce landscape.

The Best Shopify Plus Features That Your Shopify App Development Services Must Leverage

Multi-Store Management

Running multiple stores under one business domain? Shopify Plus simplifies store management for you. It presents with a centralized hub for managing inventory, orders, and customer data across all your stores.

You won’t need to juggle separate logins and interfaces. It saves you valuable time and streamlines your operations.

Wondering which types of business Shopify specialize in? 23.1% of Shopify Plus stores specialize in Apparel products. While 10.8% focus on Beauty & Fitness products. Apart from that 10.2% cater to Home & Garden products.

Need help managing your store? You can always hire Shopify Store Management Services  for a sorted store management.

Wholesale B2B Capabilities

Shopify Plus caters to both B2C (business-to-consumer) and B2B (business-to-business) clients.  

You’ll find dedicated features for managing wholesale channels, that includes tiered pricing structures, custom catalogs, and net terms invoicing. 

Thus, you can easily cater to both your retail and wholesale customers. Currently, there are 29,116 active stores operating on Shopify Plus.

Scalable Infrastructure

High-traffic periods shouldn't lead to website crashes or sluggish performance. 

Shopify Plus boasts a robust and scalable infrastructure. It can handle surges in traffic and complex product catalogs without breaking a sweat. 

This ensures an uninterrupted and reliable shopping experience for your customers, even during peak seasons. Hire Shopify developers to unlock the best store performance. 

Advanced Security Features 

Security is paramount in the e-commerce world. Shopify Plus prioritizes data security with advanced features like Level 1 PCI DSS compliance and fraud prevention tools. 

With such security measures in place you can instill trust in your customers. Your customers are more likely to shop without any worry knowing their sensitive information is well-protected. 

Given it's robust security features, Shopify is trusted by top brands such as Tesla, Sephora (owned by LVMH), Nestle and more. 

Checkout Customization

The checkout process plays a vital role in converting website visitors into paying customers. 

Shopify Plus empowers you to fine-tune the checkout experience to match your brand identity and optimize it for conversions. 

Your hired Shopify App Development services can add custom fields, offer guest checkout options, and integrate third-party payment gateways for a frictionless checkout experience.

High API Limits and Custom App Development

When you shift to Shopify Plus you can enjoy significantly increased API call limits. 

This empowers seamless third-party app and service integration. 

Additionally, you might have highly specialized needs that go beyond pre-built apps. In such scenarios, Shopify Plus allows for custom app development using its robust API. 

Whether you need to integrate with a complex enterprise resource planning (ERP) system or create a unique customer loyalty program, hire Shopify developers with expertise in Shopify Plus app development to bring your vision to life.

Dedicated Account Manager and Priority Support

This is the best part about Shopify Plus. A dedicated account manager is specifically assigned to you. They share personalized support and tailored guidance. 

Additionally, Shopify Plus offers priority support. Your queries are addressed promptly. This  minimizes downtime, and maximizing your productivity.

Shopify Flow - Automated Workflows

Shopify Flow is a powerful automation engine built into Shopify Plus. It allows you to automate repetitive tasks to streamline your workflows.  

You can engage Shopify App Development services to create custom workflows. You can automate tasks like sending abandoned cart reminders, triggering loyalty program rewards, or segmenting your customer base for targeted marketing campaigns. 

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Shopify Plus provides comprehensive reporting and analytics tools. You can get your hands on in-depth insights into customer behavior, sales trends, and marketing campaign performance. 

The result? You can make informed decisions about your product offerings, marketing strategies, and overall business direction.

Access to a Thriving Ecosystem

You gain access to a vibrant, versatile and active ecosystem of partners, including Shopify app developers, Shopify Store Management Services agencies, and other industry experts. 

This network of resources empowers you to leverage the expertise of professionals who can help you unlock the full potential of Shopify Plus and navigate the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.

Shopify Plus: Empowering Your Ecommerce Journey

Shopify Plus offer excellent solution to both seasoned e-commerce players or first-time entrepreneurs. Shopify Plus offers the tools and support you need to achieve success. Hire Shopify developers to unlock the full potential of the platform.