What Is Shopify 2.0 And Why Should You Consider Upgrading?

What Is Shopify 2.0 And Why Should You Consider Upgrading?

Shopify 2.0 has changed the perception of Shopify within the E-commerce industry. Shopify's theme engine is the latest in e-commerce technology. 

It includes enhancements meant to enhance all business operations, saving time and increasing compatibility with third-party apps.

In this blog post, we will define Shopify 2.0, highlight its new features, and demonstrate how this upgrade can create significant possibilities for your brand.

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What are the main characteristics of Shopify Store 2.0?

Highlighted are some key elements of Shopify Store 2.0 that you should know about:

Sections Everywhere

Shopify sections are essentially separate components found on a page - like a text block, a banner, or an image. 

Previously, sections were only accessible to store owners for placement on their homepage or to allocate to specific templates.

Users have the ability to remove, add and reorganize sections on various pages within their site using Shopify 2.0, such as product pages, custom pages, collection pages, and blog feed articles.

This level of flexibility allows Shopify experts to personalize their site's look. You have the ability to easily and swiftly change the appearance of your store by, for example, introducing a banner for a new product release, adjusting the placement of an Add to Cart button, or rearranging elements on a page.

Creating unique landing pages is simpler without needing developer assistance or using external page builder tools that may decrease site speed.

App Theme Extensions and Blocks 

With Shopify 2.0, developers have the ability to design apps that can be included as extensions in themes or plugins. 

This implies that users have the ability to enhance their online stores with additional features without the need to make changes to their theme or website code. 

Shopify merchants are now able to install apps independently without the need to hire Shopify developers, as no changes to the code or manual injection of code snippets are necessary on the Shopify theme. 

If an app is deleted, the leftover code will be automatically erased from the store, which is a great advantage.

Shopify's Metafields Upgrade

Have you ever desired to include additional content, images, or details to a specific product or order for a customer? Think of it as already completed.

The Shopify 2.0 significantly enhanced Shopify's metafields. You can now easily edit meta fields through the new admin without having to use an external app or hardcode displays into your theme.

The additional meta field types now consist of color, product, variant page, measurements, file, date, time, number, rating, and numerous others.

While it may sound complicated, it ultimately simplifies the sharing of a product's special attributes for you. You have the ability to:

  • Develop distinctive product specifications for each individual product.
  • Include lists of ingredients.

Include additional information (such as links, videos, images, text, measurements, ratings, and boolean values) to enhance the content.

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Enhanced UI for theme editor

Shopify 2.0 features an improved user interface that simplifies the understanding of your website's hierarchy. This enables faster access to various pages and performing edits.

All features and functions have also been centralized, making site management much smoother.

Additionally, a quicker preview section has allowed for improved real-time visualization of all alterations being made.

Improved Performance

Due to the exceptional website speed and alignment with Google's core web vitals standards, all Shopify 2.0 designs will now load quicker than ever. 

Furthermore, the checkout page now loads twice as quickly as it previously did.

Shopify 2.0 was released featuring a default theme called Dawn that includes all the 2.0 features, serving as a minimalistic theme for Shopify web developers creating new websites. 

When Dawn is utilized, the chances of achieving a speedier website rise because there will be no unnecessary code or modules to weigh down the site. 

Dawn's minimalistic design allows for a load speed that is 35% quicker than Debut, the original default theme for Shopify.

What advantages does Shopify 2.0 offer?

Enhanced experience for shop owners

Due to the latest theme structure, creating and managing a store is quicker, more seamless, and more effective, with reduced reliance on coding abilities.

Increased flexibility and control

It is simpler to utilize compared to the previous version, offering a significantly enhanced user experience for e-commerce developers.

Quicker modifications

Retailers save time and can quickly implement ideas by making changes without needing to involve a developer. Brands can be more flexible, reacting swiftly to their own business requirements - or to those of their customers.

It is crucial to note that in some cases, Shopify services may still be required to achieve extensive customization. 

More funds for business-critical activities

It can also help cut costs for feature development, allowing for more budget to be allocated to activities like marketing, optimization, and product development.

This indicates that activities with a positive ROI can be focused on. These include implementing more features, boosting digital marketing budgets, or investing in CRO/testing, etc. 

Wrapping up

Hire Shopify Store Management Services and start experiencing the benefits of Shopify 2.0.